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16th October 2003

ladyjax1:09pm: because this is way to bizarre to pass up
Soo, check out these latest Boondocks strips starting with the one below:


Ceasar's plan for world peace: finding Condoleeza Rice a man. I'm not sure if I should laugh or be appalled. Or both.
Current Mood: well, mmm, i dunno
eve_l_incarnata7:14am: Aaron McGruder on Fresh Air
Aaron McGruder with Terry Gross on "Fresh Air", October 14th, 2003

"Day to Day" with Aaron McGruder on NPR.

There's an audio link on both sites.

30th September 2003

chr0me_kitten11:39am: Aaron McGruder day over @ Africana
Africana.com has an interview with Aaron McGruder (accompanied by a great photo of the man himself) and a review of A Right to Be Hostile.

20th September 2003

chr0me_kitten9:31pm: McGruder in BIBR
There's a wonderful cover article featuring Aaron in the current Black Issues Book Review. The article isn't available on the Web site. You'll have to pick up the magazine.

10th September 2003

chr0me_kitten7:18pm: bad news
No more Boondocks feed
Current Mood: disappointed

6th August 2003

ayodele7:44am: this entry is public.
if you really think that boondocks is sooo stupid, poorly written, silly, etc, etc, you could just STOP READING THE MF COMIC STRIP and do something more uplifting.

ok, i'm done now.
Current Mood: bitchy

1st July 2003

elusis9:57am: Will... not... get... sucked into... argument... about.... porn....

Current Mood: aggravated

18th June 2003

ayodele9:16am: This community is now closed. You will need to make entries "friends only" to keep them from being viewed by non-members.

17th June 2003

ayodele1:33am: Whee!
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